Los Angeles bankruptcy clients get the best from our firm

Our firm is about helping people. Our Los Angeles Bankruptcy clients have new lives because they worked with us to get there. Nothing gives our team more satisfaction than seeing someone smile with relief after learning that there is a way out. There are many reasons we can get into trouble financially, many of them beyond our control.

Los Angeles Bankruptcy firm loves helping clients

Los Angeles Bankruptcy firm loves helping clients

Los Angeles bankruptcy clients get:

  • Peace of mind
  • Relief from their debt
  • Counseling on their next steps
  • Planning guides for a solid financial future

Hear from some of our clients and staff and learn why our firm is one of the top 10 in Los Angeles for the best results in debt relief.

Here’s what our Los Angeles Bankruptcy clients are saying:

“I have never formally thanked you for your excellent work in this case.  I have never employed an attorney in either the time before I began providing legal services, nor in the decade since.  In some respects it felt the same being in your hands as it did when I went into the hospital once after being a nurse for a decade.  It feels very different being on the receiving end.  You asked me when I first consulted with you why I decided to use an attorney, since I know how to file a chapter 13 case.  As I predicted, the fees I paid you were an excellent use of my money.  
Not only did you prevent me, in my guilt (or miscalculation), from presenting a plan longer than 36 months (saving me more than my fees paid to you right there), but also there were numerous instances of your advice that made the attorney/client relationship quite valuable.  The experience gave me deep insight into what my clients must feel when they go through this, even though they are not as aware of the intricacies of the process as I am.  I believe I appreciated your advice even more because I understood the basis of your opinions…I know that I can refer clients to you with absolute confidence, and will not hesitate to do so when the occasion arises.  Thank you for helping me in this very difficult situation.” – Steve L.
Los Angeles bankruptcy clients trust Steve Bryson

Los Angeles bankruptcy clients trust Steve Bryson

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your excellent legal help.  You gave us generous consultation time when we needed you.  Our appreciation also goes to your unfailing moral support which greatly helped us get through this rather difficult time and experience.  Once again we thank you for your professional assistance.  We wish you all the best and hope that you will remain as a rare legal specialist in town who has a big warm heart.” — Zerze and Malak S.

A special thank you for handling my matters so efficiently and professionally.  Your warmth and kindness during an unsettling time made the entire process so much easier.  I was glad to find such a nice attorney and I appreciate your top-notch representation!” — Janie D.

I would like to thank you for your assistance extended to me so many times.  Your great advice was indispensable and gave me enough confidence and knowledge to be able to successfully deal with some difficult situations and unpleasant people.  Dear Steven, your help was beyond just legal advice, you made me believe that real gentlemen do exist.  Thank you again for being so kind and helpful.” — Monika M. 

I would like to THANK YOU and your staff for the excellent work.  You were very professional and helpful in all elements related to the BK process.  FYI – I met with several attorneys before you and although the price for some of them was cheaper… none of them matched up to your professionalism (this last remark has no $$ value associated, people will pay, if treated right.)  Your people skills are excellent!!!  Keep up the “being yourself” and you will have plenty of happy customers.  I will definitely keep you as main reference for anyone needing your services.  Thank you.” — Rigo M.

Join our large list of happy clients who have found financial freedom with our services. As you can see, Los Angeles Bankruptcy Clients highly recommend Steven Bryson. Call for an appointment and let’s begin to get you back on the road to financial freedom.

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See what bankruptcy attorney Steve Bryson's clients are saying

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