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I have been a bankruptcy lawyer for over 30 years. It’s most important for me to let you know why I do what I do. Bankruptcy law is a combination of knowledge, experience and continuous educational updates. I take great pride in helping people with this winning combination.

Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer Steven Bryson is a bankruptcy specialist

Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer Steven Bryson is a certified bankruptcy specialist

First, here are a couple of quick facts about my bankruptcy law education:

• UCLA undergrad (1975)
• Southwestern University School of Law (1978)
• Certified Bankruptcy & Debt Specialist (2001)

I began my practice of law by handling all legal matters and found that there was a need for bankruptcy work that other lawyers did not want to do. For some reason, they didn’t find bankruptcy law acceptable for them.

After a few years of general practice, I saw a need to help people in a real and meaningful way. Bankruptcy law was and is still rewarding work both for my clients and myself.

After a while, I started to specialize exclusively in bankruptcy law. Ultimately, I became a Certified Specialist. There are not that many bankruptcy attorneys given this special certification to practice in the state of California.

Bankruptcy law specialist:

I have been a certified bankruptcy specialist for over a decade here in Los Angeles.

• A significant amount of knowledge of bankruptcy law
• Voted at the top of experienced bankruptcy lawyers by peers including bankruptcy judges

This certification is one of the things that sets my practice apart in the bankruptcy law field in Los Angeles. You get the very best from my services because I know the law inside and out as well as the main players.

I help people stay in their homes, stop harassing calls, and help them by giving them some room to breath so they can regroup and recover. It feels great to help people to start their financial life anew.

My clients didn’t purposefully get themselves into financial trouble. It always amazes me how people feel guilty and ashamed when they have very little control of the financial scenarios that got them into a money crisis.

I can help. Not only by knowing the law as well as I do but also by having relationships with creditors, trustees and the courts. I work those relationships to your advantage, getting the best possible financial outcome so that you can have a fresh start.

Cheap bankruptcy lawyers cost you more

I want to say something about cut-rate bankruptcy law  services. Many times, people pick a bankruptcy lawyer here in Los Angeles based on a “discount” or the lowest price they can find, thinking, “I’m already in debt, I need a cheap lawyer to get out of this.” I hear this story all too often.

The irony of picking a cut-rate bankruptcy lawyer is that usually you end up paying more. How? A cheap and fast bankruptcy law firm can get you almost through the bankruptcy process and then at a crucial stage spring new services on you. You’re stuck now and have no choice but to pay more.

Also, many of times the lawyer that you first meet or talk to on the phone is not the lawyer who files your case nor the person who goes to court with you. This gives the cheap bankruptcy firm a chance to talk you into services you needed in the first place for extra cost or you incur costs in extra legal work for necessary procedures that should have been realized at the beginning of your case if proper attention were given in the first place.

Thank you for your expert advice in figuring out my situation.  You are a very genuine person and I appreciate your qualities.  You seem to be very centered and clear.  I felt very supported and comforted being in your presence.  For many years I’ve been discouraged with my situation and couldn’t find the strength to fight for what I wanted, or the right person to listen to the story. So I thank you for that .” — Shandra J.

My all-inclusive price gets you:

• No surprises with up front and fair billing
• No extra costs later
• I go to court with you, not a clerk or a lawyer you’ve never met
• I follow up and make sure you’re on your way to financial freedom

Find the best results bankruptcy law specialist

Find the best results with your bankruptcy law specialist

I’ve spent my career building relationships with clients well beyond our time together working through their financial situation. Many of my clients have gone on to become friends. I provide my bankruptcy law services for a fair rate because I have the experience and the legal understanding to properly guide you around the “pitfalls” that a less knowledgeable attorney would fall into. Also, I am a skilled negotiator and can sometimes prevent your creditors from proceeding with collections and help you cut deals, making bankruptcy unnecessary.

With over 30 years in bankruptcy law and my years as a bankruptcy law specialist, I not only help get you through this financial crisis but can also guide you in how to begin again.

Let’s talk about your situation and find out how a solid bankruptcy lawyer can work for you!

"Counseling you in what you need specifically is what I do. I might be able prevent you from having to file for bankruptcy at all. I always look for the best way for you to function in your life and get back on your feet. "
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