What You Should Know About Filing for Bankruptcy in Los Angeles

  • What you don’t know about filing for bankruptcy can hurt you.

Educating yourself about all of your debt relief options can make a huge difference in the course of the next few years of your life. Many people seeking debt solutions go to the Internet or hire a cheap lawyer out of desperation and find themselves mired even deeper in financial despair.

Filing for bankruptcy shouldn't have a stigma

Filing for bankruptcy shouldn't have a stigma

A lot of information out there is geared toward scaring you regarding filing for bankruptcy or simply misleading you about your financial options. When you come to my office, we do a thorough assessment of your financial situation. There is no second-guessing and you will leave after the first consultation with solid peace of mind.

No Stigma in filing for bankruptcy

Many people find it difficult to consider filing for bankruptcy. Their fears are based on many things.

  • Losing assets
  • What will friends and family think
  • “I failed” mentality
  • “I wasn’t raised to consider filing for bankruptcy”
  • Name-calling by the credit industry

Losing Assets

Many people think they will lose their assets when filing for bankruptcy in Los Angeles. The truth is if your filing is handled properly, there is a high probability that you’ll be able to maintain many if not all of your essential assets.

What will people think?

Social stigma is a main reason that people won’t consider filing for bankruptcy. But in reality, taking responsibility for your financial situation and clearing the decks is the best way to find peace of mind and start again.

Most people are very reluctant to even consider the filing for bankruptcy to resolve their debt problem. Their concerns are not financial (such as the possibility of losing assets or budgeting issues) but instead are steeped in what others will think.

So I ask you this, unless they are in your shoes, this decision is not up to them. Your name is attached to the debt and you are responsible. How you decide to take care of your financial situation is your decision. So taking the right steps should be commended, not judged.

Filing for bankruptcy helps you take control

When friends and family see that you are taking control of your life and are making real strides toward financial recovery, they will come around. They might even be asking your advice about their own financial situations.

Bankruptcy laws were created to alleviate excessive financial hardship in order for the individual to regain his or her footing and begin again. People from all walks of life have filed for bankruptcy and have been glad that they did.

“Can’t recommend Steven enough”

I received the confirmation of the discharge yesterday in the mail and I was so surprised that it was over.  I want to thank you so very much for being so very kind and gentle in the way you handled my situation.  You are so professional and it makes me feel differently about an attorney by the way you conduct your business…I am so grateful to you and your staff.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! ” — Shirl L.
Filing for bankruptcy gives you back control

Filing for bankruptcy gives you back control

Let me say that it has been a very pleasant experience for me to have met you, and to be represented by you in these unfortunate circumstances.  I highly respect your professionalism and your humanity, which is rare in any profession.  I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who might need your services in the future. ” — Jose V .

There is no shame in being in a compromised financial state and there is nothing wrong with taking the proper actions to correct it. In fact, you should be seen as doing the very best thing to secure your financial future.

Come and see me so we can get you on the road to financial recovery and let’s discuss whether filing for bankruptcy works for you.Steven Bryson

"Counseling you in what you need specifically is what I do. I might be able prevent you from having to file for bankruptcy at all. I always look for the best way for you to function in your life and get back on your feet. "
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