Consultation with your bankruptcy attorney in Santa Monica

Consultation with a bankruptcy attorney should not be stressful. In fact, you will soon come to realize just what a good decision you’ve made.

You are embarking on solid steps to ensure your financial future. Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to fill out the questionnaire, especially the information about your creditors. This information is crucial to our consultation. You’ll bring your filled in questionnaire to our office Santa Monica.

Prepare your information for your financial consultation in advance

Prepare your information for your financial consultation in advance

During your bankruptcy consultation, we:

• Determine your outstanding debts

• Determine your major assets

• Review your income for the past 6 months

• Project your future income from the point of filing thereafter

• Create a general framework to advise you in a bankruptcy or non-bankruptcy path

• Help you through completion of counseling courses before you file

• Monitor your progress from start to finish

• Make sure you are compliant with the trustees (both Chapter 7 and the United States trustee)

• Resolve any objections made by creditors

• Work with you until you get a bankruptcy discharge (if this is your path) around 6 months after filing

What you need to know

When people come to my office, they are exhausted and worried. One of the best things about what I do is immediately relieve people of their fears and educate them completely about their financial options and rights. ” — Steven Bryson

Steven Bryson and his team are here to help you. 

• I listen to you
• I completely review your financial situation
• And then we begin to build a plan
• I help stop creditor’s calls
• I advise you on how to stay in your home
• We work on solutions to immediately change the landscape of your financial outlook

Very many thanks for your skilled and sensitive efforts to rescue me from a very difficult situation. Your experience and manner made everything go smoothly with a minimum of embarrassment. You should feel satisfied in a job well done. ” — David T.

Smiling again after bankruptcy consultation

One of my clients was very depressed. He thought that he was going to be ‘marked for life’ as he put it. After just under and hour, he was smiling. That kind of reaction, makes what I do so rewarding. Nothing gives me and my team more joy than to be able to help people . — Steven Bryson

Bankruptcy consultation doesn't have to be stressful

Bankruptcy consultation doesn't have to be stressful

You may have found yourself in serious financial debt because of:

• Divorce
• Mounting medical bills
• Job loss
• Spending too much without realizing it
• Bad investments
• Tax bills
• Student loans
• And many other situations

The first thing you should realize is that you are not alone. The second is that the laws were written to help you. Come in for a bankruptcy consultation at my office here in Santa Monica and let’s discuss your options and the road to freedom.

Bankruptcy Resources:

United States Bankruptcy Court

Bankruptcy Code

"Counseling you in what you need specifically is what I do. I might be able prevent you from having to file for bankruptcy at all. I always look for the best way for you to function in your life and get back on your feet. "
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